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Application of cemented carbide in machine parts

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(1) Cutting tools

Carbide is used in all kinds of cutting tools. Because of its high hardness and strong compressive properties, hard alloy is the best material choice for cutting tools. The consumption of cemented carbide in China's cutting tools accounts for about one-third of the total output value of cemented carbide. Now it is still dominated by welding tools, and the cemented carbide used in CNC tools accounts for about 20%, and is growing rapidly. There are other carbide drill, carbide bar, carbide rotary file and so on cutting tools. Carbide is the most widely used material as a cutting tool.


2)Geological mining tools

Geological and mineral cemented carbide in the total amount of cemented carbide accounted for about 30% of the total amount of alloy production. Due to its high hardness, strong impact toughness, outstanding bending strength and wear resistance, cemented carbide is usually used in geological exploration drill, oil and gas field drill, cone drill and coal cutter cutter teeth, engineering road digging tools, impact drill of building materials industry and other specific industries.


(3) tungsten steel die material

 Under normal circumstances, the proportion used in the manufacture of all kinds of molds accounts for about 8%. For example, drawing die, cold heading die, cold punching die, cold extrusion die, hot forging die and drawing tube mandrel, this kind of die accounts for about 3% of the total production of hard alloy. In general, the hard alloy used in the mold is of medium and high cobalt and medium and coarse grain grades.


(4) wear-resistant parts

 Hard alloy is used to make wear resistant parts including hard alloy nozzles, hard alloy balls, valve seats, logging parts, valve internals, hard alloy tire skid nails, hard alloy guide rails and so on.