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Hard alloy bearing ball plays an important role in bearing accessories

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Ball bearing is a kind of rolling bearing, the spherical alloy steel ball installed in the middle of the inner ring and the outer ring, in a rolling way to reduce the friction in the process of power transmission and improve the efficiency of mechanical power transmission. Ball bearings can not bear large heavy loads, which are common in light industrial machinery. Ball bearings are also called ball bearings.


Common equipment using bearings are: motor drive shaft, light (civil) motor vehicle transmission part, machining equipment, factory production line mechanical transmission assembly, etc.


General industrial bearing balls are made of steel balls with hardness between 61-65. Because of the small bearing area of bearing balls, serious mechanical damage is easy to occur in the case of high-speed operation, which accelerates the replacement frequency and increases the cost.


With the progress of technology, cemented carbide bearing ball gradually replaced steel ball bearing ball. The main composition of hard alloy bearing ball is tungsten cobalt alloy (WC-CO) with high hardness between 90-92HRA, and good wear resistance. Its wear resistance is dozens of times to hundreds of times that of the steel ball. The surface is polished and polished, with low friction coefficient, which greatly improves the service life and reduces the cost.