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Cemented carbide rods

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Hard alloy round rods, solid rods, and perforated hard alloy rods
Hard alloy round rods, solid rods, and perforated hard alloy rods
Hard alloy round rods, solid rods, and perforated hard alloy rods
Hard alloy round rods, solid rods, and perforated hard alloy rods

Hard alloy round rods, solid rods, and perforated hard alloy rods

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Product Introduction:

Hard alloy rod is hard alloy round rod, also called tungsten steel rod, simply tungsten steel round rod or hard alloy round rod. Hard alloy is a composite material which is produced by powder metallurgy and consists of refractory metal compounds (hard phase) and bonded metals (bonded phase).


Product Features:

1. The cemented carbide bar adopts the low-pressure sintering technology, and the quality is stable and reliable: the large sintering pressure can reach 100 kg force, and the internal pores of the alloy can be effectively eliminated, so as to obtain good densification of high hardness and high strength blank, and the temperature control system can effectively reduce the mass fluctuation.

2. Adopt automatic pressure relief and extrusion equipment, all kinds of bars can be produced.

3, fine grinding of the bar, can reach the mirror effect: the use of CNC grinding machine, can quickly remove the damage layer caused by polishing, improve the surface finish, can reach the mirror effect.

4, stable mechanical properties, easy to weld, high wear resistance and high impact resistance. These rods are used to manufacture cutting tools for metals, wood, plastics and other industries that require hardness and wear resistance.

Product application scope:

It is mainly used for manufacturing drill, integral end milling cutter, integral reamer, automobile special cutting tool, etc., but also can make carbide punch, mandrel and perforating tools, etc.

Product brand:

BrandDensityHardnessFlexural strengthUse
YG614.9g/cm³90.5HRA2000N/mm²Can be used for drawing steel wires, non-ferrous metals and alloy bars up to 20mm in diameter and pipes up to 10mm in diameter under high stress conditions.
YG6X14.9g/cm³92HRA1800N/mm²Can be used for drawing steel wire, non-ferrous metal wire or bar up to 60mm in diameter under large stress conditions.
YG814.9g/cm³92HRA2200N/mm²It can be used for drawing steel, non-ferrous metal or alloy rods and tubes, and also for manufacturing mechanical parts, tools and perishable parts.
YG1114.4g/cm³88.5HRA2600N/mm²Can be used for high compression rate steel bar and tube stretching, working under high stress top hammer, piercing and stamping dies.
YG2013.6/cm³83.5HRA2800N/mm²It can be used for making stamping dies, such as stamping watch parts, stamping battery cases, teeth with skin dies, small size steel balls, screws, nuts and other stamping dies.
YL10.114.991.51900It has good wear resistance and bending strength, mainly used for the production of extruded bars, suitable for general drill bits, tools and other wear-resistant parts.
YL10.214.591.52200With good wear resistance and bending strength, it is mainly used to produce extruded bars, small diameter micro drills, tools for watch processing, integral reamers and other sharpening tools and wear resistant parts.