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Giving and sending warmth

Time : 2022-08-03 Hits : 60

This year is the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Wansheng Alloy, since its inception, adhering to the "integrity of people, work with heart" concept. While developing the enterprise and economy, we also do something for the villagers.

During the visit, we not only sent cooking oil, white flour, rice, milk and other condolence products. We also talked with the villagers and learned about their life and medical condition. We also sent condolences to the local old people's home, so that the orphans and widows can feel the warmth and care of the community.

Social welfare is something that every caring and responsible enterprise of ours needs to make efforts for.

In the future, we, Wansheng Alloy, will always pay attention to social welfare and do our little bit for our hometown.