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Analysis of the status quo of cemented carbide industry

Time : 2024-01-31 Hits : 6

Cemented carbide is an alloy material, known as "industrial teeth", widely used in military, aerospace, machining, metallurgy, oil drilling, mining tools, electronic communications, construction and other fields. Compared with Europe and the United States, China's cemented carbide production started late, in recent decades with the steady growth of the economy, the demand for cemented carbide in various fields continues to increase, making China's cemented carbide industry has been rapid development.

Cemented carbide products belong to the industrial production of intermediate consumables, the market demand in various fields is more, but belongs to the traditional manufacturing industry, affected by objective factors. In recent years, affected by the epidemic, the overall market demand for cemented carbide at home and abroad will show a downward trend than in the past, but with the slow recovery of the international market economy, the future market demand for cemented carbide will have an upward trend. At present, the domestic cemented carbide market demand is mainly concentrated in the field of cutting tools and geological mining tools.

Although we have a large-scale carbide industry chain, but the competitiveness of products in the international market is weak, high-tech products also rely on imports, which shows that the carbide industry has broad space for development. Improve product technology, export more high-tech alloy products, and realize domestic substitution of imports.

Analysis of the status quo of cemented carbide industry