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How to improve the efficiency of concrete pump truck glasses?

Time : 2023-11-17 Hits : 7

Concrete pump truck glasses plate is a very important part of the concrete pump truck, it can help the construction personnel more accurately send the concrete pump to the required location, thereby improving the construction efficiency. Glasses plate to pump tens of thousands of cubic meters of concrete, all seemingly simple, in fact, the quality requirements are very high, in order to increase the wear resistance and service life of the glasses plate will be made of cemented carbide material.

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First of all, the construction personnel need to check the glasses plate before using the concrete pump truck to ensure that the glasses plate is not damaged or dirty. After checking the glasses plate, the construction personnel need to install it correctly on the concrete pump truck. When installing, pay attention to placing the glasses plate in a suitable position to avoid blocking the sight or inconvenient operation. At the same time, it is also necessary to install the glasses plate firmly to prevent loosening or falling off during the work.

Secondly, when the concrete pump truck glasses are used in the construction process, the construction personnel need to accurately grasp the pumping speed and direction. First of all, it is necessary to choose the appropriate pumping speed according to the fluidity of the concrete and the distance to the target location. Too fast pumping speed may lead to concrete loss or uneven accumulation, affecting the construction effect; And too slow pumping speed will increase the construction time and cost. Secondly, the construction personnel need to control the pumping direction of the glasses plate to ensure that the concrete can accurately reach the target location to avoid waste and repeated construction.

Finally, after the construction with the concrete pump truck glasses board, the construction personnel need to clean and maintain the glasses board. When cleaning the glasses board, you need to use appropriate cleaners and tools, and avoid scratching with something too rough to avoid damaging the surface of the glasses board. Colleague construction personnel also need to check and maintain the glasses plate regularly to ensure its normal operation and service life.