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The working principle and characteristics of wear-resistant alloy glasses plate

Time : 2023-10-10 Hits : 7

 With the increase of concrete pumping height and strength, the pumping pressure is greatly increased, which makes the working condition of wear-resistant parts of concrete equipment more severe, and raises higher requirements for the performance of wear-resistant parts.

   The cemented carbide glasses plate is the part of the pumping distribution valve of the pump truck, which is connected with the concrete conveying cylinder. The moving part S tube is driven by the swinging oil cylinder, from one side of the concrete cylinder to the other side of the concrete cylinder, and the cutting ring is swung with the S tube against the glasses plate, which forms the cutting friction force with the wear-resistant glasses plate. Due to the rapid swing of the cutting ring, the glasses plate has strong friction with the concrete, and also bears the impact force generated by cutting the stone. Therefore, under normal working conditions, the glasses plate must withstand the impact force, shear force and very strong friction.

   The cemented carbide glasses plates and cutting rings we produce are raw materials (tungsten carbide and cobalt), and cemented carbide has high hardness, wear resistance, impact resistance and longer service life than ordinary alloy steel. But the price of ordinary alloy steel is more affordable than that of cemented carbide.

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