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What is the difference between titanium base alloy and titanium alloy

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1.First, the difference in chemical composition

Titanium alloy refers to the metal material composed of titanium and other metal elements. Titanium alloy is based on titanium as the main body, adding other metal elements to stabilize its performance, common tungsten cobalt titanium alloy, titanium aluminum alloy, titanium nickel alloy and so on.

2. Differences in physical properties

Titanium alloy has high strength, light weight, good corrosion resistance and good biocompatibility, and is suitable for the production of high-quality aviation, automotive, medical and other products; Titanium alloy is suitable for high temperature and complex engineering structures because of its high temperature strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and fatigue resistance.

3. Different application fields

Titanium alloy is widely used in aviation, automotive and aerospace industries and other fields, because of its excellent strength and lightweight characteristics, can effectively reduce product weight, improve product performance. Titanium alloy is mainly used in high temperature working environment of mechanical structure, chemical equipment, power field, etc., can meet the high temperature, high pressure and high strength requirements.

In general, titanium alloys and titan-based alloys are composed of titanium and other metallic elements, but their chemical composition, physical properties and application fields are different. Therefore, when selecting the right material, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive assessment and comparison according to the specific use scenario and requirements, so as to select the most suitable material.

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