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What are the advantages of wear-resistant workpieces in the mechanical field

Time : 2023-10-25 Hits : 5

  With the rapid development of modern industry, the use of machinery and equipment is becoming more and more frequent, and the requirements for equipment parts are constantly improving. Mechanical parts are often in harsh environments and harsh working conditions, making a large number of mechanical parts scrapped due to wear and abrasion, resulting in low work efficiency and shorter service life of mechanical equipment. The research and development of wear-resistant materials just solves the service life of mechanical equipment parts and the loss caused by wear and abrasion. Zhuzhou Wansheng Alloy produces new wear-resistant materials, specializing in the supply of wear-resistant material parts for various mechanical equipment. Such as concrete pumping system in the wear parts: carbide glasses plate, cutting ring. Parts in mining crushing equipment: titanium steel binding gold, carbide ball teeth, YD type composite alloy welding rod, tungsten carbide steel stud. Parts in oil and gas mining equipment: API valve seat, tungsten carbide steel seal valve, etc., to help mechanical equipment encounter a variety of harsh and complex conditions.

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